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PFM and Public Value

Realizing greater accountability and transparency for Public sector resource allocation and utilization is the key driver for human progress. Quality governance informed by ethical leadership is the engine for achieving budget credibility and equitable development for realizing prosperity and fulfilment of the UNSDGs.



Join the RetireWell program and get ready for retirement in time. Our goal is to empower you.


The RetireWell monthly sessions cost on USD 1 per session.


On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you for retirement if you left your job today?. We do not Rescue. We Empower! It’s the sustainable way.

Benefits of RetireWell


  1. Get monthly and All Year Retirement readiness seminars.
  2. Access cutting edge newsletter on retirement & Leadership
  3. Get 10% discount on all CapaBuil Trainings
  4. Get entrepreneurship ideas as you go into retirement
  5. Get entrepreneurship ideas as you go into retirement
  6. Enjoy a friendly network of professionals and colleagues
  7. Free Visa for Foreign Seminars



SACCOs help to deepen financial exclusivity and reach. They are genuine vehicles for socio economic transformation. Get inspired by benefits from curated solutions for future fit SACCOs.


Success Stories







If you have not pulled your massive data together, organized it and automated your key reports, give us a call as soon as possible to get you ready before the 4IR revolution overruns your corporation


Our digitization solutions meet the highest standards aligned to the following pillars:




Our past client are happy. Please contact us to review some of them. Our solutions work




Digitization and automation is an inevitable imperative for the modern organization. If you don’t do it now, it may cost you strategically in a few years – You will play catchup!




Our team of experts is well trained and we deliver bespoke solutions designed to address your most unique and specific challenges.